Educational Programmes

Health education is one of the key elements necessary in preventing and controlling cardiovascular disease. When educated about the risk factors for cardiovascular disease, persons may use these tools to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The Health educator at The Heart Foundation of Jamaica upon request addresses persons at health fairs, staff meeting, service clubs, schools and other groups surrounding the theme The Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disease and a Healthy Lifestyle.

It is an interactive session that educates listeners about the risk factors for cardiovascular disease, the importance of the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular system), the development of cardiovascular related diseases and the rationale for a healthy lifestyle as well as heart healthy advice.

Presently the Schools' Health Education Promotion Programme is an ongoing programme which consists of a weekly meeting at six (7) corporate schools.

Currently, the club is in operation at Shortwood Practicing School, Alpha Primary, Alpha Infant, Dunrobin Primary, Waterford High School and Excelsior Primary School, Meadowbrook High School. Staff members from the Foundation visit the Healthy Heart Club Meetings regularly and involve the students in sports and health educational activities.

The Schools' Health Promotion Programme is important because it targets young people. The Foundation is able to maintain this programme thanks to The Friends in England who fund the salary of a part time health educator.